VCDS HEX-NET Interface

Introducing a Brand new diagnostic tool kit at Auto Stop Centre.

Call in to Auto Stop Centre and have any faults quickly diagnosed and rectified professionally.

The new Ross-Tech VCDS turns your PC or tablet into a factory grade VAG scan diagnostic tool. This new tool has a completely wireless interface that is now 3x faster.

 This new device is fully licensed with Ross-Tech fast scans with a professional user level interface and full VCDS software.


 We are set up with a VCDS interface, and consider it as essential as a torque wrench. It is unquestionable that technology makes cars better, but as cars become more sophisticated, those who work on them must grow in sophistication as well. Modern cars, with their many electronic systems, require “electronic wrenches” to be repaired and modified.  



  The Ross-Tech VCDS Hex-net, a more recent development by Uwe Ross, a very talented computer engineer. VCDS uses Volkswagen's proprietary diagnostic protocol showing fault codes and monitoring operating parameters, VCDS allows a specialist to make “adjustments,” such as reprogramming the locks or the stereo, re-aligning the immobilizer after swapping ECU’s and resetting service reminder indicators.


    VCDS can read any trouble codes in the vehicle, enabling one to diagnose a problem with the ABS, airbags or automatic transmission, and it can communicate with pre-1998 cars. An OBD-II scan tool can’t do any of these things, and it costs more than VCDS, too.








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