A car service can involve up to 50 or more components, systems checks and adjustments including: An engine oil change and/or filter replacement.

Checking lights, tyres, exhaust and operations of brakes and steering. Ensuring your engine is 'tuned' to run in its peak condition.


An MOT involves dozens of checks on your car, ranging from the brakes and fuel system to lights, mirrors, seatbelts, windscreen wipers and exhaust systems.

Hy-Carbon Cleaning

Plus DPF Cleaning/Unblocking

Over time, a combustion engine builds up internal deposits, such as carbon, tars & gums etc. While these are natural by-products of the combustion process, they can accumulate and affect the performance of an engine, including emissions, power and efficiency.

Carbon cleaning your engine can remove these deposits and offer a number of benefits to the motorist. It’s a simple and safe process and requires no dismantling of engine parts or the use of harmful chemical products.

Air-Con Recharge

We remove all the old refrigerated gas, oil and dye, then begin cleaning the whole system. Once thoroughly cleansed, new oil, refrigerant gas and dye is injected in and we take a new temp reading to ensure your system is working to its full potential.


With plenty more services available, please be sure to contact us today to see how we can help you keep your vehicle running to its full potential...

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